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The Future of Envelopes Is Called Dialog

Whenever envelope-professionals hear the name Pflüger, they think of valuable and professionally produced envelopes created for business correspondence and marketing communication via mail.

October 2010, Pflüger Kuvert GmbH became a member of the Swedish BONG Group. BONG Group sales envelopes with annual exceeding 370 million Euros.

The world of mailing and direct marketing is changing. Due to the downfall of the governmental mail monopoly, direct marketing can be individualized at last and correspondence will take on an advertising character.  Additionally, all enterprises involved expect a decrease in postage expenses. This is as well an opportunity for the manufacturers of valuable envelopes such as Pflüger Kuvert GmbH!

Pflüger Kuvert specialized in the production of highly value added envelopes by means of optimal technology and professional management. For urgent orders from direct marketing customers, Pflüger is equipped with a high-duty printing shop for finished products, where blank envelopes can be turned into attractive mailing-covers in a jiffy.

The liberalization of the German postal service has positive consequences for commercial correspondence: business and advertising mail will – considerably more than now – function as a positive representation of the sending enterprise. It is the envelope that makes a first and crucial impression on any potential customer’s desk. Hence the competence of Pflüger, specialized in the production of high - quality envelopes, is of rising importance. Reason enough to stay in contact and develop business relations!


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